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This is a bag I did as an order. I'm putting it here as an illustration that the bags I have in THE IDEAS GALLERY can be a starting point. We can work together to make any of my bags uniquely yours. CALL OR EMAIL ME.

Morning Glory Update

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I got together with the organizers of the show and we laid out and assigned booth spaces.
That's an important step and a reminder that it's just around the corner.
New and more artists, including painting and prints.
I'm looking forward to the new location and look.
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It's your starting point
to make one of my bags yours.
If you can't get to a show or the studio,
My work is available at the following locations:
The Morning Glory Gallery
at the Marcus Center For The Performing Arts
in Milwaukee
The Pink Llama Gallery
in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Lanesboro Arts
in Lanesboro Minnesota

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