Ilze Heider Leather Design
1300 14th Avenue, Grafton, WI, 53024

Ilze Heider Leather Design at Morning Glory Craft Fair

Morning Glory Craft Fair is just around the corner! Check My Show Schedule for details.
Until then I will be in and around
My Studio more this summer. It’s a beautiful place to be.
If you want to visit give a call. 262-377-2242.
And I’ve added a some shows that I will be doing
in the fall.

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I’ve been crafting with leather for many years.
During that time I’ve developed styles and designs that combine high quality leather, threads, sewing and assembly techniques to give you a long lasting and beautiful hand bag.
I sell my bags at art fairs, galleries and here, at my studio.
Ilze Heider Leather Design
If you want one of my bags and can’t make it to an art fair or a gallery, go to the Ideas Gallery. You will be able to see the styles, shapes and size of bags that I make. Call me at 1-262-377-2242 or email me and we can work together to give you the bag that you want.

Can’t make it the My Studio? You’ve looked at My Show Schedule and can’t make it to an art fair?
My work is available at the locations listed below.

The Morning Glory Craft Gallery at The Marcus Center For The Performing Arts sells my bags. They are open during performances at the center. Call for hours.
Ilze Heider Leather Design has work at the Morning Glory Gallery
Ilze Heider visits the Lanesboro Gallery, Lanesboro MN.
You can buy my work at the Lanesboro Arts Center and Juried Sales Gallery in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Stop and take a look if you are in the area.
It's a great town with lots of things to do. Great little B and B's, more art galleries, great bike trails and tubing on the river.
Find out more about the town.
My bags are now available at Stella, in Evanston Illinois. It’s a great shop with a great variety of beautiful crafts. Find out more at their website,
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